What’s in a Name?

I am Tracey. Well, Juliet may not have thought much of them, but I’m rather fond of mine. Blogging has reminded me of this. So many of my wonderfully supportive fellow bloggers address me as “Tracey” here in comments. I like that.¬†A situation that I suspect may be almost unique to teachers is that we … More What’s in a Name?

Inservice My Way

As the new school year approaches, I find myself cringing… not at the thought of classes full of teenagers; I love my kids. Not at “having” to plan and present lessons; this summer I have found some great ideas that I’m excited to try out. No, I cringe at the thought of inservice meetings. It … More Inservice My Way

Common Core’s Positive Side Effects

Is Common Core the The BOTOX of Education? As a Migraine sufferer, I have first hand experience with unexpected benefits from relatively silly ideas. BOTOX was discovered as a treatment for Migraine when some migraine patients receiving cosmetics treatments reported a lowered incidence of headaches. This spurred research into whether or not the injections¬†might be … More Common Core’s Positive Side Effects

To Curse or Not to Curse in the Classroom

In the Dark Ages when I began teaching, I remember seeing lines of connected script flowing across students’ papers. My, how things have changed! Today, even my honors ninth grade students sometimes confess to me that they cannot even read cursive writing, let alone produce it. This presents a logistical nightmare for today’s students who … More To Curse or Not to Curse in the Classroom