Resources: Lessons and Materials

Sharing is important, and on this page, I will be posting my own original secondary ELA instructional materials. Please feel free to download and use the materials here in your classes however is best for you. If you want to share them online, please write a brief description and provide a link to this page instead of posting them on your own page. I’ve provided most things here in PDF format, but if you see something that you’d like to use and want to edit significantly, let me know in the comments, and I can send you the MS Publisher version. I am the owner of all of these resources, so please give credit where credit is due! You are free to duplicate these resources for use in your classes, but do not sell or distribute them in any commercial market.

I’m just getting started with this page and will be adding new resources each week as quickly as I can get them formatted.

PowerPoint Presentations

Russian Revolution Background: I use this as part of my introduction for Animal Farm. All photos on the slides are public domain. Animal Farm Background Presentation

To Kill a Mockingbird Background: This presentation includes information about The Great Depression as well as a brief introduction to some of the themes in To Kill a Mockingbird. TKAM Introductory Presentation


Honors Vocabulary

This section contains worksheets appropriate for practice or tests for honors students. Each one covers 15-20 words on average and works not just on word recognition, but using context clues to determine word meanings, reading skills, and critical thinking. Students will have to understand connotative as well as denotative meanings of the words to be able to complete these.  It is a struggle for my ninth graders to get the hang of these at first, but by the end of the term, they are word masters! I use them as both tests and practices. (I have not included any keys because, first, I don’t want any students getting their hands on keys! Second, I have faith in my fellow teachers! I know you can do it!)

Honors Vocabulary Worksheet with Snow White: Vocabulary with Snow White


General Literature:

Elements of Literature Worksheet or Quiz: This quiz references a radio show Gunsmoke “Home Surgery.” You can find the audio Here. Students tend to like this program, and I enjoy introducing them to radio dramas. It’s a nice break from just reading stories for them. If you don’t want to use the program, the questions have enough detail without it, though. Elements of Literature Worksheet


I’d love to hear how you use anything here, including suggestions for improvement! What classes did you use the materials for? How did you adapt them? What would you like to see more of? What other sites have great resources (especially for secondary ELA)?