In Defense of Me

Here’s my homage to the humble and oft overlooked first-person singular objective pronoun.

Spontaneous Whimsy

crystal peacockIt has come to my attention that people are uncomfortable with Me. It’s almost as if they’re embarrassed by Me. You see, the problem only comes up with Me and the addition of someone else.

People are happy enough to go with Me to a movie. (Last week a friend went to see The Martian with Me; the two of us both found it lackluster, but that’s beside the point.) People sometimes even give gifts to Me. You might hear someone say, “Look at this lovely crystal peacock that the Duchess gave to Me.”

Everything changes if someone else shows up, though.

sad with flowerI calligraphyEverything can seem to be going along just swimmingly for Me, but then suddenly people show how they really feel. If anyone else shows up people shove Me aside, going instead for my “classier” sister to say, “Would you like to come along…

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