What Up with the Blog?

no social mediaSeriously, What up?

I’ve had no contact with social media ever before, and now, I’m trying to blog. So, what up? Well, first, I’m no Luddite; trying to live without any online presence was beginning to seem like driving around in a Model-T. Then there’s this whole thing about my being a writing teacher. Where is the biggest outlet for most writing today? Hmmm. Oh, yeah, online. I also realized that I was cutting myself off from a wealth of support, both from colleagues and in the form of amazing technology. I have been a strong advocate of technology in the classroom since it was in its infancy, so why have I been so reluctant to embrace such a valid venue for the written word? Well, no more. Now, I can’t see me going the Facebook or Twitter route anytime soon. I never found anything to interest me there, but here in the blogosphere, I have found a home.

Hypocrites Anonymous

Beyond all of that, I decided it was beyond a little hypocritical to tell my students to write, write, write, and not do it myself. I was beginning to feel like the teacher who couldn’t teach without the teacher’s edition. Yikes! This really helps me feel my students’ pain. Writing on demand is tough! Knowing that my writing will be read and critiqued is a gut-wrenching, terrifying feeling, but in fairness to my students, I felt I have to put myself out here to understand how they feel when turning in papers to me. When school starts back in August, perhaps my students will find that this experience has tempered me. I’ve always tried to be supportive, yet realistic with my marks; I’ll be interested to see if I feel different with assignments and marking with some blogging experience behind me.

I will keep you up to date. Have you had writing teachers who actively wrote? Did you feel that made them better writing teachers? I’m interested to hear your take on it. If you’re a teacher now, how do you think blogging affects your teaching?

5 thoughts on “What Up with the Blog?

  1. Well, it is interesting that you teach writing but have not put your personal writing out there. Yes, I encourage to lead by example start blogging and listen to the critiques and above all let people hear your ideas. Get your twitter and Facebook account going, after all is is a teacher suppose to encourage their students to go where they never went before…you can say you did

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    1. I’m miles into new territory with the blog! I have looked at Twitter, but I just don’t get it. I’ve in 100% honesty only ever seen one site that I could see the purpose of. (It’s a small company’s site that posts about new products and their release dates, helpful info, logical; I get that.) Then, of course, I go to their real site to purchase. Twitter kind of looks like blogging, jr. to me. Is that anywhere close?

      As for Facebook, I don’t think I’d have time keep it up along with the blog, but I did get a Google+ profile (search for me); it seems quite complementary to the blog site–without adding a burdensome amount of work to maintain. I’m also going to start participating in GoodReads. So from Zero to three in a month? Some leading by example?

      And I’m truly curious, can anyone explain the point of Twitter for adults to me? Or recommend a really good example of a site?


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