Exploding with Patriotism

Just wondering … Am I the only one who thinks it’s more obnoxious than patriotic to shoot of fireworks in a subdivision AFTER July 4th? People get up the next morning to go to jobs, have pets that freak out, might have asthma aggravated by the smoke. (I was stunned by how much smoke was in the air the night of the 4th.) Sometimes, I think I’m just looking for something to complain about. Maybe this is one of those things. I mean, I love America; fireworks are pretty. What’s my issue?

One day and night, I like pretty sparkly lights as much as the next person. I go out every night to see Dollywood’s spectacular fireworks show, which I can see from my yard. (It lasts a mere 15 minutes, by the way.) So, yes, I like shiny things.

But I’m thinking the individuals still firing firecrackers in their backyards well after Independence Day are doing it more to celebrate blowing things up and less to celebrate the birth of a great country. You?

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